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Emotional and Mental Health Resources

One in every five U.S. adolescents has a serious mental health condition and 10 percent will experience extended absences from school.

For these students, school re-entry can be overwhelming, fraught with problems including depression, anxiety, and fear of social rejection.

Weston offers many programs to help kids in our community!

Weston Bridge Program at the Weston HS 


Compass Program Grades 6-12 


If you want more in-depth information about similar programs like Weston’s click here to see more about the BRYT Program.  


Families who have come through an acute crisis can provide an invaluable service to those who will find themselves similarly affected in the future.  If interested in speaking with a Parent of a child in this program please contact and we can get you in contact. 



Keeping Our Kids Healthy and Safe

Mental Health Resources

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